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5 decorating Tips for a Swoon Worthy Space

Here are five clever decorating tips that designers use to transform spaces:

Tip # 1

Familiarize yourself with the three “R”s of decorating. “Reduce, Repaint and Refurbish.” A tired looking sofa can come to life with a beautiful fabric.

Tip # 2

Make sure your furniture pieces talk to each other. Arranging furniture in groupings create balance and intimacy.

Pushing all the furniture against the wall may or may not make the room bigger; but it creates and uninviting atmosphere for sure.

Tip # 3

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend “or so they say. I say that mirrors are a home owner’s best friend. This is especially true for the resident of small living spaces. Mirrors reflect light, add drama and even redirect Chi into the living space. Avoid using mirrors directly across from the windows. Not only is it bad Feng shui, but it also bounces the light right out of the window.

Tip # 4

Use appropriately scaled Art. This drives me Nuts! It is a common mistake. Hanging a 48 inch 36 inch painting on a 13 feet wall looks completely off. If you have a large wall, I suggest grouping smaller picture to create a gallery.

Tip # 5

Finally don’t forget about lighting. Add a variety of lighting into your space. Good design includes all three kinds of lighting; ambient, task and mood lighting. Ambient lighting is the general lighting, ceiling light fixture and canned lighting are examples of this. A desk lamp in an office or work space is considered task lighting.

Accent lighting is your decorative lighting. Funky looking table lamps and tall statement-making floor lamps come under this category.

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