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Why a Residential Designer will actually save you money

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Greetings Fellow Floridians,

A few days ago someone asked me a question; “What’s your design advice for people who are decorating, building or remodeling on their own.”

My advice: "hire a designer"

Am I saying this because I am looking for potential clients and want your business. Certainly that is part of the reason. But hiring a professional designer is also a savvy and smart shopping decision.

Allow me to explain! By hiring a designer you will avoid costly mistakes. It is a common misconception that hiring a designer is a luxury. I beg to differ. If you can afford to pay thousands and thousands on a remodel or decorating or if you are building a new home, it is absolutely crucial you hire a designer.

Generally people on a tight budget either don’t consult a designer or hire them too late on a project. By that time major decisions have been already been made by the client and the builder/contractor. If you are a type of person who doesn’t care if the counter top is fighting with the backsplash or the cabinets looks dirty against the chosen paint color, then you can stop reading now.

On the other hand, if you are either sensitive enough to be bothered by the design mistakes or would like to avoid then, you have come to the right place.

There is a small segment of the population who can dream and design well thought out, harmonious environments. Congratulations, if you belong to that group. For everyone else, please consider hiring a designer. An experienced designer is going to be your ally and will

guide you achieve your goal. Perhaps you want the space to be harmonious and functional, or you may prefer dramatic interiors that create a Wow factor. Or you’re looking for dreamy and serene space. If still you are not convinced let me tell you a story. I was chatting with an up and coming banker with a young family. We predictably ended up discussing interior design. He pulled out his phone and started showing me pictures of his new-build house.

The conversation turned from the new pigmented concrete for the exteriors to the kitchen. He confided that he does not like the backsplash that his wife picked out. When questioned, he acknowledged that the choice while practical is esthetically unappealing. He couldn’t put his finger on the exact reason. It was supposed to go with the rest of the kitchen color wise. Immediately I knew the reason and explained that while there is nothing wrong with the color of the backsplash, it was wrong for that particular style of kitchen. If you are going to pick sleek modern Italian cabinets and solid stone composite countertops, you should avoid a Tuscan rustic back splash. Blending the Tuscan country look with the contemporary style can be tricky. I gave him some tips on future purchases especially accessories and décor to pull the room together.

So the moral of the story is that you should consult with a designer even if you are on a tight budget. You can hire him/her for a day particularly on the day you will be shopping for fixed elements. For example counter tops that are not easy to replace and cost a lot of money.

Therefore the cost of a professional designer is an important investment.


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