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6 Modern Decoration Ideas for Living Room on Budget

Modern decoration ideas for the living room seem like an expensive thing but we are here to help you decorate your living room on a budget.

The living room is your living space and it is only fitting if it is relaxing and refreshing. It is for sure a challenge to decorate a living room while staying on a budget but you can do it.

Here are some ideas for you to play around with and save some money:

1. Architecture is Everything

If you have an odd-shaped living room, that has an old school ceiling or an outdated window wall don’t feel overwhelmed. These architectural details can be used in creative ways.

You can use modern chic curtains for your windows or a cool little fan for your boring ceiling. Adding an element that is modern and chic can add substance to your otherwise boring space without going through huge architectural changes.

2. Colour Splash

Add color to your living room. If you think your living room is boring you can add lots of colors to it to add dimensions. Colorful cushions or wall art can be a cheap way to add a twist to an otherwise dull living room. Cute and colorful light fixtures can also add a subtle yet colorful touch.

3. Use Mirrors

If you have empty mantle space or empty walls you can use mirrors to cover them. Mirrors serve multiple purposes and are a cheaper way to decorate a place.

Mirrors give the illusion of spaciousness as well as being a great way to project light. Mirrors can be hung or placed on shelves in a tilted manner to add more dimension to the area.

4. Add Natural Elements

Natural tones and objects amplify the look of any place. If you have a large space that is not occupied then use it to house a plant. An oversized plant can make any place look cool and breezy.

Similarly woven baskets, serving ware and plant pots can change the look of your living room. A rattan basket or decorative object can also complement your decor without costing much.

5. Add Art

Adding wall art can instantly change the mood of any place. Wall art is also aesthetically pleasing and makes everyone happy. But it does not mean that you have to get expensive art. Any abstract image can work as art for your wall. You can also create custom art for your walls.

6. Reuse

Reuse existing items while decorating your living room. Look around and shop your house for inspiration. You can add a fancy trim to existing curtains. You can embroider fun patterns or flowers on cushion covers.

Leftover paint can be used for upholstery. Old frames can be painted and reused. You can also swap images in frames to add a modern element to your living space.

The living room can be decorated for less and in a very modern and chic fashion. You just need to pay attention and work on things a little bit differently.

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