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How to design a small living room

Do you feel claustrophobic in your bedroom? Is it cramped with stuff and you are unable to decide what to take out and what to keep? Do you feel limited by the size of your room?

Leave all worries behind as we have come up with ideas to style small rooms strategically. Carving out a livable space in a small bedroom can seem a hefty task but it is so much fun too. Petite spaces, when touched creatively, can be big on style. For inspiration, read the ideas below:

Keep a Simple Layout

Simple does not mean dull. You need to accept the layout of your room and work around that to create a cozy and marvellous place.

There is usually a man wall against which the bed goes. Avoid getting the bed in the corner. Leave space on both sides of the bed for free movement. This also creates the illusion of space and you can use it for creatively placing the decorations.

Get Creative With Your Bed

Your bed does not have to be bed only. If your room is very small you can get a makeshift or sofa cum bed. It can be used both ways according to the need.

You can get a bed with storage space to cut on wardrobes and cupboards. If you can get creative enough you can use the headboard to add character to your room.

Make it Thematic

Choose a cute theme for your bedroom. It can be monochromatic, a splash of bold colour, floral or tropical, pastel or chic.

A combination of different elements can also prep the room. You can use rattan or straw to add a little bit of personality to a white bedroom.

Layer Lighting

Make sure that your bedroom has plenty of light. Only one light source is not enough. A lot of light can create the illusion of a bigger space.

Add a cute chandelier to the ceiling along with table lamps. You can also add reading sconce instead of table lamps to save space.

Add a Rug

Don’t put so much focus on your walls and furniture that you forget the rugs. Never forget the floors. An interesting piece of rug can add warmth to your room instantly.

You can play with the rug’s texture, colour, and shape. Choose something that pops, feels great for your feet, and looks good.

Cut Out Clutter

Rooms get claustrophobic if you keep bringing the stuff in. Use your space creatively but do not overdo it. If you bring anything in making sure to put it in its proper place after use. Do not let items from all around sit there. Keeping your place clean is a no-brainer.

Oversized Art

Colourful, oversized art can transform the look of your bedroom. If you do not have a headboard a huge piece of art can cover that space, stylishly.

You can also style your bedroom around the art that you use in your bedroom. Pillows, throw blankets and rugs can use a similar colour scheme and everything will be well put together.

You do not need to sacrifice style because of space. There are so many ideas and ways to maximize the efficiency of your place. The key is to use your taste to transform your space.

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