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Living Room Decor Ideas on a Budget

Living rooms are the places where we love to live. This most used space in the home needs revamping every so often. Creating a place that is livable and beautiful seems like a huge project. It may cost you a fortune. We are here to help you assist with your living room décor on a budget.

  1. Incorporate Nature

Plants and wood add texture and an exciting element to your living room. You can bring in plants from your backyard. Faux plants that look original can be acquired at cheap rates. It will add life and color to your living room. Wood can also change the way your living room looks. Small wooden accents or a wooden furniture piece can enhance the look of the room.

2. Shop Your Own Home Before Going Out Before you head out for shopping, go through all of your households to find items you can use in your living room. Reusing and revamping old things can be a great way to cut out on a budget. You can paint the old frames a different color, replace prints in them. You can use old throw pillows and blankets. Décor items also come in handy. Books add character to the living room.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture Sometimes all your living room needs is a rearrangement. Changing the position of your furniture can add personality to the room. You can look up settings on websites like Pinterest for inspiration.

4. Use Paint for DIYs If your walls are bare, instead of buying expensive decoration pieces or sceneries, use paint as a cheap alternative. Use deeper tones to change the mood of the living room. Make accented walls by using different paint colors and making easy designs. You can also use paint like terracotta to revamp your old furniture and décor items.

5. Work on Throw Pillows If you want to add color and substance to your living room, make use of cushions and throw pillows. DIY pillowcases from different materials like brocade, satin, velvet and silk fronts. Find embroidered fabrics from thrift stores to use in your DIYs. Make use of your or your partner’s embroidery skills.

6. Make Use of Thrifted Items Instead of buying expensive décor, consider shopping from thrift stores, antique or flea markets and garage sales. You end up finding very good pieces at a very little price. You can also get things that you can easily upholster according to your personal style.

7. Work on Your Lighting Sometimes all it takes to give your room a character is light. If your room is dark, then it will look close and characterless. An over-lit room isn’t the best fit either. Lights do not cost a lot. More often, they can be DIYed. Different types of lamps and lights can give perfect lighting to your living room.

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